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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Back in January I wrote a long post about some of the upcoming changes/challenges to social media advertising as I saw them, and I highlighted the need to be creative with your creatives!

Gone are the days where you could run ads with simple or basic ( poor quality) pictures and still get results.

The competition is stiff out here as more ppl have jumped online to run ads ( thanks to Covid) and unless you have a bigger budget, you’re not going to get multiple chances to get that “click” on your ads.

As a general rule, your creatives should do these 3 things:

-be visually appealing

-be engaging (make ppl want to stop and look at it)

-present a problem and offer a solution (depending on your business, this may be communicated in the ad copy)

Remember to ask yourself this simple question as you’re creating your ad:

Would YOU click on this ad??

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