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Increasing awareness, driving sales and social media followers for a new women’s fashion brand

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New followers on Instagram


Increase in average monthly revenue


 People were reached with all campaigns


Return on ad spend for overall time period

Performance Metrics from Launch in March 2021 to July 2021 

ShopMarjoe understood that it was launching into a very competitive e-commerce space: women’s fashion.  Therefore, the marketing strategy had to be centered around creating visually-appealing content and heavily pushing that content on both Facebook and Instagram to grow their following and to drive sales.

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The Story

Launched in March 2021, Shop Marjoe is a boutique women’s fashion brand that aims to offer stylish and cost effective fashion pieces for the modern woman on the go. Whether the woman is a homemaker, a career woman, a student, or a combination of all three, the expertly-curated items offered by the brand will give her a high-end feel without jaw-dropping price tags. Shop Marjoe isn’t just another social media boutique re-selling clothes, the company aspires to build a veritable fashion brand that becomes a staple in the social media women’s fashion space.


The Goal

Increasing Brand Awareness

Immediately after launching, ShopMarjoe wanted to increase the awareness of its brand for the dual purposes of increasing social media followers and driving sales.

The Solutions

Leveraging the Power of Beautiful Content

One of the many strengths of ShopMarjoe is the stunning visual content. From the launch date, the brand consistently delivered beautiful images and videos, showcasing its highquality products against bright, colorful, and eye-catching backdrops. Consequently, the natural strategy for the first ads was to simply showcase these images and videos to a broad audience (open targeting) and to inteest based audiences that pertained to women’s fashion and clothing.

Carousel ads showcasing products in collections were used to drive sales, attract new followers, and to grow custom audiences for future retargeting campaigns. Some of the featured collections included: the faux leather collection, the denim is forever collection, and the resort wear collection. Single image ads were also used to drive sales for items that were considered as statement pieces and could stand on their own.

After about 2 months of running ads, the custom audiences, pixel, Facebook, and Instagram, were sufficient in size to leverage for retargeting campaigns. The budget for all marketing campaigns after the second month, was 85% remarketing and 15% dedicated to bringing new eyeballs to both the pixel and the ShopMarjoe Instagram page

Shop Marjoe’s strategy focused on showing ads to core audiences of US women aged 24-65+, including those interested in women’s fashion, high-earners, large fashion retailers, African American culture, and to Custom Audiences who were likely to shop. Ads were shown to a lookalike audience of people similar to the brand’s current shoppers. A main component of the marketing strategy was driving Add to Carts, and then retargeting those who added to cart but didn’t finalize the purchase.


The automatic placements feature was heavily leveraged to allow Facebook to deliver the ads across Facebook apps and services, according to which placements were most likely to drive the best campaign results at the lowest cost. The vast majority of campaigns were created with Campaign budget optimization to automatically distribute the budget across the best-performing ad sets in real time.

The Results

The Best-Dressed Results

After only 5 months in business, ShopMarjoe is fast-becoming associated with quality—in both their fashion pieces and their stellar customer service. The brand consistently does a minimum of 10K per month in revenue, without having to run discount promotions or sales. The marketing campaigns that were run from launch date ( March1st, 2021) to July 31st, 2021 produced the following results:

  • 3000 new highly-active followers on Instagram

  • 325% increase in store revenue from March to July

  • 150K people reached overall Average of 5.8X return on ad spend

  • 2.2% average store conversion rate

  • $98.21 average order value

  • 4k-5k average monthly store sessions



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Image by Nick Nice

What People Say About Us

Working with Edwina and Click Ad Agency has been nothing short of amazing for me.  I started out by having private strategic consultations with her to discuss what my marketing strategy should be and how to define my brand identity.  After I launched on March 1st, 2021, Click Ad Agency began to implement the ads strategy for ShopMarjoe, and I can honestly say that those campaigns were instrumental in getting me where I am today.  At first I wasn’t completely sure that marketing on social media was necessary, but after witnessing how much I’ve been able to grow in such a short period of time, I’m a believer in the power of ads! 

( Owner, ShopMarjoe )

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