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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I know when you're starting out its very simple to rely on the single image ads because well, they're super easy to execute. You just upload the one picture and BOOM you're done!

BUT I would like to challenge you to challenge yourself to go beyond what's easy. I'm not saying that single image ads aren't good or effective because they absolutely can be, but you'll need to diversify your ad mediums because your AUDIENCE members have different preferences!

For example, there are people out there that statistically prefer video, single image or carousel ads...AND if your ad format tends to only stick to one over the other, than you're missing out on opportunities to reach everyone.

If your ads are typically single images, then you're potentially missing out on the people who usually only watch videos or like to swipe through carousel images!

If your ads are typically carousel ads, then you're missing out on the people who don't have the patience to swipe through multiple images and prefer to look at single images or watch videos!

If your ads are typically video ads, then you're missing out on the people who like the carousel ads and/or like to keep it simple with their preferences and tend to only respond to single image ads!

One of the best, and super convenient, things about this strategy is that you can run it to your same well-performing audiences!

There's no one-size-fits-all for most things in life, and your ads shouldn't be any different! All advertisers are constantly looking for affordable ways that they can increase visibility or their brands and this strategy is one of the EASIEST, CHEAPEST, and FASTEST way to reach a new audience that was there all along!

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