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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

On Saturday I posted about figuring out your customer avatar and I promised that on Monday (today), I would explain how to turn your avatar into strategy, as far as advertising is concerned!

I posted these questions in my last post, saying that these were the types of questions that needed to be answered in order to start to have an understanding of the customer avatar.

  1. How old is she? 35

  2. Where does she live? Atlanta

  3. What language does she speak? American English

  4. What is her education level? Bachelors

  5. What is her socio-economic level? (Lower-class, middle-class, upper-middle class, rich) Upper-middle class

  6. What is her stage of life? (Student, graduated, engaged, married, divorced, single, new mom, mother, career-woman, retired etc) divorced and single mother

  7. What are her favorite shows? Housewives of ATL, Scandal, Power

  8. What's her career? Entrepreneur

  9. What's her ethnicity and/or race? African-American

  10. What major retailer (s) does she shop with that you would consider a competitor, or competitors? Nordstrom, Guess Clothing store, ZARA

  11. What's her body shape? Curvy

  12. What does she like to do for fun? travel, dine out, hang with friends and family, shop, read books on business and self-improvement

  13. What pain points in her life would your business address?

*clothes that properly fit her curvy body

*curated clothes that are on trend

*ability to order nice clothing from the comfort of her home

*Representation: seeing people who look like her in advertising

The customer avatar should be your point of reference when it comes to key components of your business, such as BRANDING, PRODUCT SELECTION, and especially ADVERTISING.

So let's say I have a fashion boutique (Belle of the Ball) and I want to run an ad selling this jumpsuit below. Here is an example of how the targeting and caption may look like for one of my ad sets:

Objective: Traffic Ad

Gender: Female

Age: 27-45

Location: United States

Language: English (US) --NOT English (UK)

Campaign Budget Optimization :ON

Optimization and Delivery: landing page views, NOT link clicks

Link: paste your site link to this EXACT product


women's clothing

fashion boutique

The Real Housewives of Atlanta


---must also match--

african american (culture)

household income: top 10% of zip codes (US)

Primary Text:

Ladies Who Brunch!

Not sure what to wear to your next weekend brunch with the girls?? Check out our "media" jumpsuit--the perfect combination of stylish, classy and trendy. Only a limited amount left in stock, order by 12/9 to get 20% off with code SAVE20!


Media Jumpsuit $65


Purchase by 12/9, save 20% with code SAVE20

Call to Action (CTA) SHOP NOW


Also take notice of the picture that I chose! All of the details are in line with my avatar-the clothing, the accessories and the styling.

I also specifically choose to talk about brunching because a woman who fits the description of my avatar more than likely likes to brunch with her friends!

Not saying that other demographics don't brunch, but my avatar demographic is definitely millennial and statistically they are the most likely to skip breakfast and do brunch-especially on the weekends.

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