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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I've vacillated in my head about whether I should write this article because I know that many of you are used to using the TRAFFIC ad objective ( it's the default from FB), and I don't want to confuse anyone--despite the fact that FB ads themselves are inherently very confusing because of their dynamic nature, meaning things change all the time!

What you learned in January can be outdated in July! Imagine all the changes that will come over time with the new iOS 14 updates; many of the things that we're used to doing now with our ads will become obsolete---but such is the nature o f the beast.

In order to be successful with FB ads, you have to open and ready to accept that things change constantly and just be willing to mentally adapt to those sudden changes.

Now to the meat of the article lol. Yes TRAFFIC ads are the default for the ads manager, but recently ( for the past year or so), many professional advertising managers have been seeing BETTER results with the CONVERSION objective!

The normal thinking was that it was a no-no to run Conversion ads to a cold audience, but now we're seeing great results with doing just that! The key is choosing the right CONVERSION EVENT.

When running ads to get more eyeballs on your products, you could run a Traffic ad, but now I would suggest that you trying running a CONVERSION ad, optimized for VIEW CONTENT.

The data is showing that Conversion ads are outperforming Traffic ads when the aim is brand awareness. With Conversion ads, your ad is shown to people who have a habit of engaging with websites, whereas with a Traffic ad, Facebook shows the ad to people who have a habit of simply clicking links or who will at least allow the page to load ( if you select "landing page views" as the delivery optimization option).

As Facebook collects more data on all of us, the algorithm gets smarter and smarter and is better able to do whatever it is we ask it do via our ad objectives!

When the changes of iOS 14 take place some time next year, everything I've said may be wrong but for now it works!!

Let me know your thoughts and comments below and whether you're going to test this strategy of running Conversion ads instead of Traffic ads!

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