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The Marketing Strategy That Has a 50% Conversion Rate and Costs Nothing--But Your Time!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Last weekend I crashed due to I think physical exhaustion lol, but while I was recouping, I watched a video on marketing strategies that different brands used and use to grow, and I heard something that I think may be useful to others!

The owner of an eyelash company was being interviewed ( a young woman) about how she was able to scale her company from 0 customers to being worth about $50 million dollars just under 1 year, and she said that in conjunction with some paid ads, the strategy that brought them the highest conversions the fastest.......was dm'ing EVERYONE who followed them!

She said that the same day that someone followed her because of a paid ad or a collab with another brand for giveaways etc, either she or her partner would DM them and introduce themselves as one of the co-founders, ask the person whether they had any questions about any of the products, and then give them a personalized discount code that was good for only 48 hrs!

By personalized discount code, I mean she would give them a code with their name included, like ASHLEY10 or LISA10, to use and save 10%. The 48 hrs time limit adds a sense of urgency, which is a tried and true marketing tactic to get people to act quickly!

Personally I feel like the individual discount codes may be a bit too much work lol, so I would give them a generic code that I'd have just for new customers I got through IG dm or FB messenger. The codes for each platform would be different--that would be a way too of tracking which platform gave me the most conversions.

According to she and her partner, this strategy had a 50% conversion rate and helped to improve the engagement on their IG page--which was the main source of most of their customers!

I think this strategy is brilliant because people love to feel SEEN and to have the founder/owner of a brand reach out to you to personally introduce themselves, ask you questions about how YOU feel about their products, and then offer you a personalized discount code is a great example of setting yourself apart from the competition!!

This doesn't cost any money but is heavy on the personal time investment! If you're serious about building your brand and have limited resources, or if you just want to have a more engaged and active following, I would highly suggest using this strategy!!

What do you all think about sending a DM to each and every one of your followers?? Is this something you would consider doing?

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