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MESSAGE: Marketing your product is more important than your product itself!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

When you're first planning on starting an e-commerce business it's logical to think that you should put the bulk of your cash into products and ingredients for your products so that you're well-stocked, but that thinking is flawed!

It's not the best product that wins, but the best known that wins! (Fashionnova has entered the chat lol)

Remember that people buy people, not products! That means that people need to understand your brand, why you exist, who you're selling to (customer avatar), and what makes you different from the sea of competitors.

In this new age of social credibility and brand recognition, branding and having a clear brand story is of the upmost importance!

So What's the Right Way to Launch?

Buy enough inventory to be able to produce content on your website and your social media pages, and then use social media (and influencer partnerships) to get people excited about your brand, your products, and to BUY data!

Big brands do these types of launches all the time and even though it may seem a bit illogical (running ads when you don't have product to sell), it really does work!

If you spend a decent amount of money (say 1k-3k per month) driving traffic to your IG and your website for about 2 months prior to launch, you can then launch with sizeable custom audiences, ie warm people who are already familiar with your brand! Warm audiences are way easier and quicker to close than cold audiences!

If you work with micro-influencers as well, that's another way to get ambassadors to sell your brand to their audience for you!

There's a lot more that goes into this strategy but I'll keep it short because I know you guys typically don't read my longer posts lol.

I just wanted to scratch the surface a bit and get people to understand that there exists a way to launch your e-commerce brand without locking up so much of your cash and then having to struggle with marketing because you don't have the funds to sustainably buy traffic to your site.

Nearly 8 out 10 online stores fail within 24 months due to branding problems and an overemphasis on products instead of marketing.

Don't be a statistic.

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