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Is Your Website Properly Set Up for Sales??

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Everyone seems to want to just focus on ads and marketing, but often times I find that the website itself isn’t setup for sales! What good is it to get eyeballs to your site when the site itself is a turn off??

Here is a short list of some of the common website mistakes that we all see online and why you shouldn’t set up your site in these ways!

1. Logo is too large: ppl need to recognize the logo but it doesn’t need to be front and center on the homepage of your site and too large. Small font in the top center or left corner usually work best.

2. About us/me on the homepage: I’ve seen ppl write whole paragraphs about themselves or their store on the homepage, and besides coming across as self-centered, it hurts your ability to get conversions. When someone lands on your site, they should immediately see things to buy, if you have too much text or things that talk about the brand, then it increases the bounce rate on the site, meaning lower conversions. The primary goal of the site is to SELL!!!! Keep the “about us” in the left menu or at the bottom of the site.

3. Categories of products: I wish I could’ve added an example of this but ppl are sensitive about their businesses, which I completely understand. But again, we’ve all seen those sites where after your scroll down a bit on the homepage, you see boxes with text that categorize the products, like: Sets, dresses, accessories etc. Some ppl use a picture of a product within the box, whereas some others don’t even use a picture in the box ( which is even worse).

Again, you don’t want to have too may steps that someone needs to go through in order to see and buy products! I recommend checking out because they do a great job showcasing categories of products.

4. Simple and small CTA ( call to action) buttons: these buttons need to be small so that they don’t take over the image. I’ve seen ppl use very large CTAs and then most commonly, there’s no CTA so you don’t know whether the pic is a link or just a static image. Again, something like this affects the user-friendliness of your site and the bounce rate.

My list is much longer but I want to keep these posts from getting too long!

P.S.: I attached the homepage of jluxlabel and circled the aspects of the page that correspond with this post!

What are some of the faux-pas that you see on e-com sites??

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