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At the agency, we're always telling clients to spend a considerable amount of their efforts growing their instagram audience because for female e-com (meaning selling products online to women), a qualified and tapped-in Instagram audience is MONEY!

While it's been possible for a while now to create custom audiences based on your instagram page engagement, you can now FINALLY create an audience for the people who actually follow your page.

As far as we understand it from our META rep, it doesn't matter when they followed you. As long they're currently following you, they will be included in this custom audience!

As is the case with all custom audiences, SIZE is very important. The larger the audience the better, but we're going to test this out on multiple accounts with different numbers to try and see just what impact the number of followers has on the campaign overall. I will report back on that at a later date.

Another major plus that comes with this new feature is also the ability to now leverage your followers to create lookalike audiences! Remember that despite ios14, META (Facebook) is still very much able to expertly track what we're doing on all their apps, so the lookalike audiences that come from your Instagram followers could prove to be VERY lucrative.

It seems that while this feature is set to ultimately be available to everyone, it's currently only on some accounts; META does tend to release updates in batches so if you don't have it in your Business Manager now, no worries, it should appear soon.

If you don't know how to create custom audiences, you can follow these simple steps to create your Instagram followers audience and start testing it out asap!

First, you'll need to log into the Business Manager and find the "Audiences" icon under the "All Tools" tab.

Next, you select "Audiences", which will take you to this screen, where you click the blue "Create Audience" button. From there, you'll want to choose the "Custom Audience" option.

Then, you'll see this page where you'll select Instagram account as the source for the new audience.

Finally, you'll see this last step! You want to choose the first option to create the audience based on your followers and to give that audience a name. After that, you will have created your Instagram followers custom audience!

Of course this audience, like all the other custom audiences, will need to be tested to see whether it's actually effective, but it's always a nice thing when META (Facebook) gives us another tool for our advertising arsenal! Good looking out, Mark...we'll take it lol.

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