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Updated: Jan 15, 2023

I would argue that the most FUNDAMENTAL rule of advertising is that YOU MUST CONSISTENTLY bring NEW EYEBALLS to your site or your business!

Not saying that this is the the only rule, but in my opinion it's the first rule because an e-commerce business is successful only, and only if, it is able to always get the attention of new ppl.

Yes, you'll have repeat customers but those people can only buy so much from you so many times in a year.

So how do we get new eyeballs to our business?? The answer is simple: always test out new COLD audiences!

Especially in this new digital marketing paradigm of ios14.5, it's never been more crucial to be open to testing out new audiences!

Soooo to reach female audieneces, I would suggest testing out these big box retailers that have a very high female customer base:

MARSHALLS: 5.6 million

TARGET: 27 million

WALMART: 42 million

H&M: 17 million

GAP: 18 million

HOME GOODS: 13 million

TJ MAXX : 5.8 million

PS: All of these audiences are for targeting WOMEN, 24-65 years old and in the United States! We pulled these numbers last month so they may be slightly lower now as more ppl opt of Facebook tracking.

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