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"Testimonial here in the web version. Many brands are struggling, or performing below their potential, not because their products aren’t good, but because not enough people know about them."

- Client Name

Clarity through 1-on-1 experienced guidance, tailored to your specific needs, goals and challenges.


What We Do

The internet is very cluttered with information.


Different gurus, courses, agencies and videos give varying (and many times conflicting!) advice on how to run ads and have a profitable online business that most times, you're left even more confused than before.

To make things worse, the  fast-changing nature of the online marketplace makes information quickly obsolete or unusable.  Strategies that used to work 1-2 months ago are completely irrelevant now. 


We're John and Edwiina-- through our marketing agency, we work with online businesses that sell products and services to women. Working with us means you'll get the best of both worlds--a marketing strategist & an expert on online ads.


Within the last 8+ years we've managed online advertising & strategy for over 90 clients in 3 continents. With 40+ active clients in our portfolio, we create  and implement marketing strategies everyday.  

We speak to business owners everyday who think they're ready for ads, but the truth is that they're not. Their businesses lack clarity and they're throwing things at the wall hoping something sticks and just spinning their wheels. 


This is why we decided to compile our knowledge into a consulting service that gives YOU the clarity and knowledge to effectively create strategies, launch profitable ads, understand how to price your products....and not feel utterly lost in yout business. 


Client Served


Years of Experience



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"I worked with Click Ad Agency for approximately four months and what I will most definitely recommend everyone to do is seriously trust the process. As a new business, they built my audiences so in the first two months there weren’t really any sales, but going on the third month I still can’t believe to this day that my business took off…LITERALLY!


I started hitting 5 figures ON THE THIRD MONTH! Unbelievable!!! I just want to give Edwina and the Click Ad team a huge thank you!! THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for me this far and thank you for helping me realize my dreams/goals. I am to this day so grateful for all the insights and gems you’ve given me and my business. Thank you!"

— Julie, owner Her Glam Wigs

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

— Name, Title

"John and Edwina are literally a godsend to my business! I've worked with many other ad agencies in the past, but this company is different. I have a luxury clothing brand and they created an ad strategy that was catered to my business.


Not only are they Facebook ad experts but brand/ marketing experts as well! They studied my brand and told me how to holistically optimize my marketing to get more sales and it worked! I'm so thankful for them and so happy I made the investment!"

— Mimi, owner B. Freedom

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

— Name, Title

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In-depth Analysis 

Throughout the last years we've noticed that most businesses fail to analyze what the data from their past marketing efforts is telling them.

Therefore, we'll not only analyze what your past numbers are already indicating, but also give YOU the tools to be able to look at the numbers and understand what is wrong, right, and what needs adjustment.


Business Numbers

Even though we understand a lot of business owners dread having to go through numbers and calculations, that is a VITAL part of their business, and will define whether you're profitable or not, and whether you'll be able to scale and withstand market fluctuations. 

Therefore, we'll run through ALL THE NECESSARY NUMBERS in your business to give you a precise understanding of what your margins actually look like, how to price your products, what are your break-even points, how to understand marketing ROI and much more. 


Content Strategy 

It's all about content these days, but many business owners are spinning their wheels creating content that doesn't connect...or theyre not putting out enough content at all. 

We will work with you to create a strategy around your content so that you know what to create & how to create it. 


 Growth Strategy

The clear definition and execution of business and  sales strategy is key to any business, yet we know that this part is COMPLETELY overlooked by most businesses and agencies.


With that in mind, we'll analyze what's already being done in your business and develop a clear and realistic strategy that fits both your business goals, margins and current market positioning.


Ads Coaching 

Yes, we know that for the longest time "Facebook/ Instagram Ads" have been the buzz word when it comes to online sales.

And after 8+ years doing exactly that, we obviously know the impact that it can have on businesses. 

However, we also know that most people fail to understand that just running ads will NOT solve all your business problems. In fact, by experience we know that most brands don't have ANY IDEA of what either they or a marketing agency are doing.

Running ads without a clear strategy, and without knowing your numbers will actually IMMENSELY HURT YOUR BUSINESS, not to say lose you a lot of money. 

We'll look at your ads and develop a time-tested structure for your business, and also give you the tools to analyze, understand and optimize your own ads the proper way.


Community Strategy 

The best referral is one from a friend or family member, but how do you get people to spread the word about your business on thier own?? 

You build a community around your brand--people who love and truly vibe with your business and what it represents. 

We will  help you to understand how to build your own  brand community ( like Fashion Nova) and turn your customers and followers into brand enthusiasts!


We believe in numbers and results.

A lot of digital marketing agencies these days over-promise and under-deliver, but Click is different. We believe in transparent, data-driven and honest advertising, without fancy promises and aggressive sales pitches. Our job is to get your brand and products in front of the right people

"John has always been very helpful not only with managing our paid traffic but also with helping us build and implement new strategies that helped us tremendously throughout the years. Even with the pandemic hit on brick-and-mortar businesses, we were able to raise our revenue by 30%, which would have definitely not been possible if we hadn’t created such a strong online presence.


We have been very satisfied with the services and have zero complaints. We also recommend them for all business owners whenever we have the chance, since we’ve seen the impact they have had on our business.”

— Isabella, owner Moldubox

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

— Name, Title


An international digital ads agency proudly servicing clients in 3 continents.

U.S. Office


1201 North Market Street Ste. 111 Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Brazil Office


Rua Ministro Orozimbo Nonato, 215-6 Andar Vila da Serra
Nova Lima-MG

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