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From Brick and Mortar
to E-commerce: Increasing online presence and Instagram followers for a 40 yr old luxury wall canvas and print store

Case studies

Moldubox understood that, even though they have been an established brand for over 39 years, online presence and strategies were vital to ensure growth in a continuously digital marketplace. They have a very well-defined target audience of mainly high-income households and architects (whose clients are within the same audience). Therefore, the marketing strategy had to be centered around bringing visibility to this demographic, as well as creating sustainable growth through a system that ensured interested viewers had a reliable way to contact their sales team.


Performance Metrics from strategy implementation in September 2019 to September 2021


New qualified followers on Instagram


increase in average monthly revenue


More than people reached weekly with campaigns

The Story

Launched in early 1980, Moldubox is a very well-established painting, canvas and framing store directed towards the higher income households. Throughout its history, it has also directly worked in partnership with thousands of architects providing the products of the best available craftmanship to clients that value impeccable quality. We developed their first institutional website in late 2018, but that on its own proved not to be sucient to ensure the brands complete adaptation to a digital marketplace. Therefore, Moldubox understood that paid trac was necessary to bring the right visibility to their products from both architects and direct customers.

The Goal

Become a Nationwide Brand

Moldubox was very well known locally in some nearby cities. They had a very small segment of clients from farther away (a high number of who were architects), and wanted to strategically expand by increasing their brand visibility across the country.

Increasing (The Right!) Visibility

With absolutely top-notch quality products that come with a matching price tag, Moldubox had to ensure that the new online visibility was targeted towards higher-end clientele with the necessary disposable income to afford their products.

Selling Nationwide

Moldubox had no systems in place to facilitate nation-wide selling. The strategy had to be implemented in such a way that it did not require extensive technological savviness, but at the same time was robust enough to cope with bespoke orders. Shipping also proved to be a big challenge, as the average canvas sold is over 7 feet tall and fragile.

Therefore, the e-commerce strategy had to favor products that yielded a high average order value, but were not fragile to the point where shipping costs were equal to, or greater than, the price of the product itself.


“John has always been very helpful not only with managing our paid traffic but also with helping us build and implement new strategies that helped us tremendously throughout the years. Even with the pandemic hit on brick-and-mortar businesses, we were able to raise our revenue by 30%, which would have definitely not been possible if we hadn’t created such a strong online presence. We have been very satisfied with the services and have zero complaints. We also recommend them for all business owners whenever we have the chance, since we’ve seen the impact they have had on our business.”


Owner, Moldubox

The Solution

Leveraging the Power of Kaizen and Exclusive Content

The adoption of the Japanese Kaizen (continuous, constant improvements through constant feedback) methodology was a key element in being able to structure the online strategies in an actionable way. The first step was to turn the informational website into an ecommerce site.

Doing so proved to be a challenge given that a sizeable percentage of Moldu-box sales are from bespoke orders. It was understood that before bringing massive trac to their new e-com site, a good system to turn that trac into sales had to be in place.

The first strategy tested was to put as many of the customizable and off-the-shelf products as possible on the site, and then increase visibility by running lower-budget traffic and conversion ads to the website. Within a very short period of time, it was understood that this strategy would not be scalable, as their support channels got quickly inundated with requests for more information from prospective clients who did not fully understand how to cus-tomize their wall canvases and prints.


It was decided that the website would serve mostly as a gallery of the possible types of customizable canvases that clients could order, while offering a small selection of off-the-shelf products. The same strategy of running lower-budget conversion ads was implemented, though this time the ads led prospective clients to Moldubox’s messaging channels (DMs, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp). After 2 weeks of testing these message ads, it became clear that was the most effective growth strategy for the brand; Moldubox optimized their sales efforts by hiring additional customer service representatives to handle the consistent influx of requests for information.

Additionally, the brand’s following on Instagram was increased by running traffic ads on the Instagram feed, and then later by boosting the stories with the most engagement to a highly-targeted audience of high-earners with interests in home décor and improvements.

The Results

Picture Perfect Sales System

Today, the Kaizen methology is still applied at Moldubox and is the driving force behind the brand’s continued optimization of its sales systems. When COVID-19 hit, while many brick and mortars faced incredible hardships or had to shut down, Moldubox was able to increase its revenue by 30%. Having found, implemented and optimized the best lead generation and sales systems, its safe to say that Moldubox will continue to dominate the luxury wall canvas and print market in Brazil.

Here are some of the main KPI’s for the brand:

  • Over 50K new followers since becoming a client

  • Average of 2.6K new qualified followers per month

  • Average of 40 new inquiries for products per month

  • 30-40% average increase in online sales

  • Average of 1.2K sales inquiries per month


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