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Click Advertising Agency is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in selling to the Black female demographic—we work with companies and brands that want to strategically and effectively connect with Black women.  

In a world of immense competition, it’s imperative to communicate with your audience on their terms.  Through culturally responsive marketing, we work with brands to put their products in front of the right audiences and deliver measurable results--via ads that "click"!

 Black female consumers today are “woke”! These informed consumers value sincere and authentic representation in advertisements. 


“ a full service social media advertising agency”

Industry Research 

We deep-dive into your industry and research digital marketing trends that are relevant and bring results.

Ad Copywriting and Creation 

You provide the creatives and we do the rest!  We construct ad copy that’s compelling, engaging and culturally-aware.

Targeting and Custom Audiences

Putting the right ads in front of the right people at the right time is key!  We specialize in figuring out which audiences will connect with your brand and your products.

Ad Testing and Optimization 

Creating the ad is just the first step! We then closely test and optimize all aspects of the ad—from the objective, to the audiences, to the creatives.

Our Process

Our Process is Concise & Straightforward



Before driving traffic, it's vital to optimize your customer journey and experience on your website.



Our job is much more than pressing buttons: Understanding why you are running an ad is just as important as running it.


Campaigns with measurable results, to ensure effective analysis and comparisons.


Digital marketing is a moving target: we focus our efforts on what's working, while simultaneously testing new strategies.

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Get the foundational skills and knowledge you need about brand strategy, marketing fundamentals, and social media advertising

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