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Your Ad Performance Got You Down?? No Problem, We can Help You!

First, you’re not alone. Ios14 has definitely got everyone’s ROAS in a chokehold lol, but we think we’re on to something with this Evergreen strategy!  It’s simple and straight to the point so you’ll be able to watch this video and start your own evergreen ads whenever you’re ready. 

Evergreen Strategy 

Stop setting up your ads to go against the algorithm! Watch this quick and informative video where we discuss one of the best strategies to get your ROAS back on track!

We will cover…..

The definition of an evergreen product

What qualifies as an evergreen product

Examples of evergreen Products

A full breakdown of the Evergreen Strategy

The benefits of the strategy & how to implement it

Who Are We?


In a digital advertising jungle full of agencies that overpromise and underdeliver, Click Advertising Agency stands apart. Women lead the charge of consumerism in the American economy and we believe in celebrating and representing them welwith thoughtful marketing.

At Click Advertising Agency our core principles are transparency, honesty, and client satisfaction. Our combined 10+ years of experience in the digital advertising space means that we know what drives client and agency success---putting the needs of the clients first. While most agencies struggle with maintaining open lines of effective and consistent communication with their clients, that’s where we shine. Our motto is simple: happy client, happy life

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