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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

If you're aware of what a customer avatar is and you've already spent time figuring out who "she " is for your business, then you can disregard this post.

However, if you're one of the many budding entrepreneurs that I see online who HAVE NOT done a customer avatar, please do read this post and commit to figuring out who your avatar is!

So what is the customer avatar??

It's simply represents the characteristics of the PROTOTYPICAL customer that you would like to shop with your business. You know how sometimes business owners say something like, "This customer is my favorite customer, she just gets my business and my products. If I could find a million other customers like her, my business would take-off!" ???

That is the customer Avatar--the person (real or fictitious) who has all of the characteristics and habits of the TYPE of woman that you would like to be your client/customer.

Figuring out who this person is is SOOO important because it will influence every major part of your company: BRANDING, PRODUCT CHOICES, and of course MARKETING!

If you don't know exactly who you want to market to, you'll waste so much time and money trying to market to all the wrong people, so this is a step that you literally cannot afford to skip!

These are the questions that you need to answer in order to start to have an idea of who your avatar is:

  1. How old is she?

  2. Where does she live?

  3. What language does she speak?

  4. What is her education level?

  5. What is her socio-economic level? (Lower-class, middle-class, upper-middle class, rich)

  6. What is her stage of life? (Student, graduated, engaged, married, divorced, single, new mom, mother, career-woman, retired etc)

  7. What are her favorite shows?

  8. What's her career?

  9. What's her ethnicity and/or race?

  10. What major retailer (s) does she shop with that you would consider a competitor, or competitors?

  11. What pain points in her life would your business address?

  12. What does she like to do for fun?

If you already know who your avatar is then feel free to disregard this post, but based on what I've been seeing this week, I realized that I really needed to hammer down on this point!

So, please spend time this weekend figuring out who "she" is (give her a name if you want ) and I'll post a follow up post on Monday about how to use that avatar to fine-tune your paid ads!

Do you have an avatar already?? If so, what's her name and what are her characteristics?

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